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MOVIE : Crazy Little Thing Call Love

All of us have someone who is hidden in the bottom of our heart...
When we think of him, we will feel like..
" Always feel a litle pain inside, but we still want to keep him"

Even though I don't know where he is today....
what is he doing...

But he is the one who makes me know this
" A little thing called LOVE "

Assalamualaikum kesayangansss :D 
Long time not update this blog . I can see dust everywhere *kunun* Okay based on the picture & quote above I wanna share to you bout this SUPER SWEET CUTE AWESOME movie chewahh gitu . But yaa seriously this movie is awesomely SWEET plus with the handsome actor and the cute actressss *ngehehe
okay end of my bebel . For those who never watch this movie and kinda curious bout the story then my pleasure to story-story here *broEng

A typical highschool love story wherein an ugly, dark skinned and not so intelligent girl named Nam, fell in love with his senior, Shone, who also happens to be the school's hearthrob. With the help of her friends, she get to know some information about Shone and tried to improve herself to win the heart of the man of her dreams. After 3 years, Nam managed to become a
beautiful girl, but with Shone's bestfriend, Top, a transferee, who is constantly expressing his love for Nam made Nam's love to Shone impossible. At the end of schoolyear Nam finally had the courage to confess to Shone, she found out that Shone was dating another girl, Pin, leaving Nam with a brokenheart. After Nam's confession it was then revealed that Shone has been loving Nam since the day he first saw her. Nam then went to America to pursue her studies and Shone became
a professional football player/photographer. 9 years later, on a tv show, Nam and Shone reunited and their story had a happy ending. :)

There are actually lots of funny moments in this movie that if I list it all here, this review would turn into a novel. :P

Mario Maurer as Shone (Hero)

Baifern Pimchanok as Nam (Heroine)

p/s :If you haven't seen the movie yet and hates spoilers, don't read what is written below.
This is really long. LOL

The plot is simple, predictable and a bit cliche but it didn't fail to make people love the movie and the characters in it. The movie started off with Shone's photo exhibit then a flashback of what happened 9 years ago.

It's a movie where highschool kids or everyone who have gone through highschool could totally relate to. The time when you experienced loving someone for the first time. The movie made me reminisce about my highschool life, how I would feel giddy just by the sight of my crush, the silly things I did for him to notice me, the feeling I get when I caught him staring at me and I pretend like it's not really a big deal but truth is, inside I'm already dying of happiness. oh, the band aid scene suddenly popped in my mind. Haha! When Nam gave Shone a band aid and just when she was about to leave Shone called her name and after that scene Nam was dancing like crazy *mahu masuk best part*

The Group Of Friends
This is not just a love story but it also tells you about friendship.
They may not look like goddeses but I love the fact that Nam's friends were really supportive.They even gathered some information about Shone, they helped Nam be attractive, they think of possible ways for Nam to get closer to Shone and even gave Nam a book which contains tips on how to win the heart of the man of your dreams. Seriously, Nam's friends are amazing.

The English Teacher

asdfghjkl! Teacher Inn is hilarious. :D Always wants to impress the P.E. teacher she likes
which she claims as her inspiration. She accidentally made Nam closer to Shone by picking Nam as Snow White in their play. Shone was not the prince charming though. He's a rabbit painting inside a box. JK! He's in charge of designing the stage. Teacher Inn also made Nam the drum major.

The Bestfriend
The bestfriend always goes in the way.
Top first saw Nam acting as Snow White, that moment I knew he already has a crush on her. The thing I didn't expect was that he was actually Shone's bestfriend. I knew everything would be complicated since then. 
He asked Nam if she could be his girlfriend but because Nam didn't answer he assumed that it was a YES. When Nam told him to not see her anymore, Top asked Shone not to date Nam because he couldn't take it, to see the girl he loves dating his bestfriend.
But seriously, he's right, it would bring so much pain to see the one you love dating your closest friend. Not that it happened to me before, I just know it would hurt like hell. Actually before he asked Shone that favor they already made a pact when they we're in 5th grade, that they won't to like the same girl.

but overall the AWEESOME scene is here . THE CONFESSION !

My favorite scene! this is beyond hurtful. *must watch this*

I admire Nam for this. This is something I haven't done when I was in highschool.
Oh well, How would you feel after having the courage to confess to the guy you've been secretly loving all those years and he is already dating somebody else, scratch that Pin is not just a "somebody else". Nam, inspite of the pain she's feeling forces herself to smile.

What's worse is that she actually fell in the pool which made her look more pitiful. Maybe she could'nt think properly that time. :( I would be lost too if this happened to me.
But really, this is just heartbreaking. 

Shone's POV.
This is my second favorite scene. :)
For some reasons, I know he loves Nam. I just didn't think it would be revealed like this. I love this scene! He's so sweet that I want a guy like him NOW!!! LOL! He made a scrapbook about Nam, he's been monitoring Nam by taking pictures of her. :) (Does guys like Shone exists? Well, maybe they're extinct? JK! :P)
He loved Nam since the very beginning. Why are you so lucky, Nam?

It's cute how he remembers the time he first held her hand. 

I knew he was the one who gave the apple! He bit it though. this is super cuteeee! (sorry I couldn't help myself. haha!)

This is too sweet for words! I mean who would actually give a girl with this? He grew it himself, other guys would just buy from the flower shop. Aww.. He exerted a lot of effort. What sucks is that he told her it was from a friend.

If only Top didn't interrupt your conversation, you could have said this to Nam directly.

The pepsi and chocolate

They kept the things they gave to each other. :D
It reminds me of how I kept the love note my crush gave to me. ^-^
It's funny how Nam put the pepsi in the fridge and attached a sticky note with a "Don't drink this".
The chocolate kinda left me wondering though, Nam gave that to Shone when she was still a bugface, it's been 3 years,
and it's still in the fridge???

This movie is great, I just don't like the ending. I just felt like it could have a better ending. Teacher Inn also had an happy ending with the new P.E teacher. :D
Nam is really lucky, she gets the guy she wants in the end after such long years, that don't happen often.

This is a must watch movie. :))

Watch it here:

so thats all for now . Thanks all . LOL . My new bias MARIO MAURER . I wanna go to THAILAND :3